The Best Paintball Barrel Reviews: Buying Guide

The barrel is one of the most important parts of a paintball gun. It determines the overall performance just like other accessories. A paintball barrel is just a tube through which the ball moves while shooting. Its inherent features determine the quality of the shots taken. These include the threading, barrel length, bore and vent distance.

One of the ways of customizing your gun for better performance is by fitting it with a good barrel. A quality model offers shooting accuracy, is light enough and keeps the gun light. This discussion provides a guide in selecting the best model by highlighting considerations and some of the best models in the market.


Best Selling Paintball Gun Barrels Compared and Reviewed

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Empire Apex 2

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The Empire Apex 2 barrel system provides unique functionality and gives the whole unit a stealth look. It offers unmatched distance and accuracy which allows you to hit new targets. The ramp is provided with nine adjustment levels of control for curve and spin customization.

The Empire Apex 2 offers nine adjustment spin positions which allow you to hit the target more often. The barrel on this gun can be disassembled without using tools which make the maintenance easier. The Apex 2 barrel is capable of producing long distance shots which drop from higher levels. It can produce both left and right curve balls. The internal section is re-designed to provide longer and flatter trajectory shots by simply twisting the barrel. This particular paintball gun is made of durable aluminum construction.

It improves accuracy, especially when using old paint. Adjustments allow you to curve the ball in different directions. The Empire Apex 2 allows the player to keep the paint level higher while playing. This barrel shoots further with great accuracy. It also improves the velocity of your shots allowing you to hit opponents in quick succession.

The curve adjuster is a bit harder to use but it’s a useful feature. This barrel is a bit heavy and suffers in areas with great humidity and rain where it throws balls randomly.


Trinity Tippmann Cronus

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Paintball is without a doubt a unique sport and hobby that can be both exciting and tactical. While there are tons of paintball guns available, if you really want to get the most out of your experience and gain the edge over the competition, you will need to invest in aftermarket accessories. Aftermarket accessories like the Trinity Tippmann Cronus can provide you with all the precision and tactical edge that you need. The Trinity Tippmann Cronus is a 16” barrel that combines accurate performance with an aggressive tactical look.

Micro Polish Honing

If you want to be one step ahead of the competition, you are going to need accuracy on your side. And, you can rest assured that the Trinity Tippmann Cronus offers accuracy with every shot. And, all of this is possible thanks to the micro polish honing. The barrel ensures accuracy and performance.

.689 Bore Size

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As an avid paintball player, you probably know that there are a number of paintballs available on the market. Some players prefer the regular paintballs while others swear by the First Strike paint. Well, when you invest in this aftermarket barrel you can take advantage of whatever you like. In fact, with a .689 bore size, this barrel can handle any brand of paintballs.


Empire Paintball Driver XX 2pc Barrel

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The Empire Driver XX 2pc certainly is a mean and tactical looking barrel. It is safe to say that it offers performance and quality that are just as mean as its looks. This two-piece barrel is 14 inches in overall length and offers everything that the hobbyist or professional paintball player needs in the field of battle.

7.5-Inch Control Bore

One of the most notable things about this aftermarket piece is that it features a 7.5-inch control bore. This is not something that you will find with a lot of other aftermarket barrels and it really offers more accuracy. It does this by providing more stability during the initial fight on the paintball, which allows the gun to stay locked on its target ensuring that the trajectory is going where the barrel is aimed.

Compatible With Empire Pipe Barrel Backs

If you want further enhance the accuracy of this barrel and take your game to an even higher level you can with the Empire Pipe Barrel Backs. This is an additional feature that allows you the option of matching the ball diameter to the barrel back. This little-added bonus will not only give you more accuracy, but it will make you an all-around more efficient shot.


Empire Paintball Barrel Kit

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Why just invest in one barrel when you can get a whole kit? That’s exactly what this Empire Paintball Barrel Kit has to offer. With a variety of barrels you really get the benefit of experimenting around and customizing your game.

5 Bore Sizes

The kit comes along with five different bore sizes that can literally accommodate any size paint. This feature will provide any skilled or new shooter with the accuracy and handling that they need to overcome the competition. Bore sizes that are included are .675, .680, .685, .690, and .695.

14” And 16” Aluminum Barrels

Also contained in the kit, you will find a 14” and 16” aluminum barrel. Both of these barrels are tip-ported with reduced drag, which only further enhances the performance and handling of the barrel. The reduced drag really improves the accuracy and hit percentages of your shots.

Storage Case Included

Another impressive thing about this kit is that it comes with its very own storage case. This case will protect your barrels and get them safe whether you are storing them or transporting them to the playing field.

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Deadlywind Fibur-X

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The Deadlywind Fibur-X barrel is also made of carbon fiber. It is lightweight, accurate and quiet. This model weighs at an average of 64 grams which makes it lighter compared to most replaceable insert barrels. It is also capable of withstanding great crushing weights.

The Freak inserts are replaceable thus allowing the utilization of few inserts on multiple barrels. Different threads can also be swapped thus making this barrel more reliable. The system which makes up the Fibur-X barrel is divided into three parts. The first one is the thread adapter which is used to match the gun type. The main barrel provides the length at which the balls travel before it leaves the barrel. The third part is the Freak insert which sets the length of the barrel.

This model is also built using a unique three-layer construction. 2 by 2 Twill posterior uni-direction fibers are laid in a vector pattern. On the inner side is a swabbeable super slick silk-fiber.

The Deadlywind Fibur-X is a light barrel, and the inserts slide in and out more easily. This barrel looks great and allows you to take quiet shots. It has Autococker speed threads which allow you to mount and remove the barrel much faster. This is another model which provides straight shots.

This barrel is made of two pieces with different threading which cause alternate threads to loosen as you fix the barrel to the gun. The provided adapter is hard to remove the first time but becomes easier as you use the barrel.


What To Look For When Buying a Paintball Barrel

Consider choosing barrels made using a material with less friction. This promotes velocity of the paintball. Materials include aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, brass, ceramic and titanium. There are models with a patterned fiber lining which allows the ball to move smoothly.

One-piece barrels are more convenient in fixing the barrel to the gun. Two-piece models have threads oriented in the opposite direction. The material construction should find a middle ground between durability and limited weight. Multi-back paintball kits contain comes with a two-piece barrel with several options for the rear piece.

Consider obtaining different bore sizes. Models which come with a barrel insert kit offer more options for bore size. The inserts should also be easy to slide in and out.

The barrel design should offer quality porting accuracy and the right length. The velocity of the paintball increases with the barrel length. However, very long barrels interfere with the players dodging and sprinting in the field. Barrel length should not be more than 19 inches. The right porting allows air to escape. Regarding accuracy, the barrel should offer consistency.