Best Paintball Tactical Vests: Buying Guide

Tactical vests offer protection during extended and competitive games. Vests help to prevent injury as well as provide storage for field tools. They are usually lined with hard plates which protect your upper body. You can choose from different styles and protection levels. Sewn in pockets and clips are used to carry water bottles, ammo and other survival items. There are many paintball vests in the market provided by different manufacturers which makes the buying process quite complicated.


Tactical Vest Styles

There are three major tactical vest styles namely; tactical cross-draw vests, plate carrier vets and chest rigs. Tactical cross-draw vests come with configured pouch layouts which cannot be customized. Organisation is ready for individuals to place their items. Plate carrier vests are customizable where the pouch configuration offers endless options. This makes it ideal for any field activity. Chest rigs are customizable but lighter and smaller. It provides precision and speed but less storage and limited protection area.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Vest

Look for vests which a high varying capacity and a well designed pouch layout. Style of pouches should match the items carried to the field. Quality vests come with special pouches for storing maps, radios and hydration pouches. Customizable pouch designs are much better. You can change the pouch layout according to field requirements. The more strong pockets and pouches you have the more items you can carry. Consider vests with a Molle design since they offer adjustments. A quality vest should be able to accommodate a hydration bladder which keeps you hydrated and cool during the game.

Battling is normally intensive and full of engagement.The material of the vest should be durable enough to sustain crawling and movements in the woods. Choose a lightweight vest to enable you move swiftly in the field. The weight of the vest should also be well distributed. Avoid vests which provide lightness in expense of load bearing capacity. Vests with a camouflage design allow you to disguise yourself during battles. A quality vest has adjustable straps which offer a snug and comfortable fit. This offers freedom for kids as well as adult players. Magazine pouches should be adjustable. Vests with touch mess offer ventilation and comfort. Zippered closures with snaps offer quick release. The whole unit should be adjustable and be able to fit around the neck. Here are some models which are worth considering when looking for the best tactical vest.

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Best Selling Tactical Vest Reviews

GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest Review

Top Features
[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”379″ identifier=”B00H1FD8C4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”paintballish-20″ width=”250″]Comfort and Protection: GXG Deluxe is a removable and washable vest. It is lined with a contouring foam which offers comfort. A hydration unit sleeve is also provided. It offers a good layer of protection both in the chest and stomach areas. You don’t feel much after being shot for a long time.
Capacity: A movable radio pouch is provided plus 10 tube holders. It is capable of holding up to a 68 C.I tank. Modular pods and tank pouches make it easily one of the best tactical vest. It has enough storage space for tools needed in the field. Pockets are provided in different shapes and sizes.
Construction and Brace: The vest is very solid and can take some action in the woods or when crawling on the ground. This vest features four movable and two vertical harness.
Adjustments: The height and the position of the pods can be customized without moving the whole vest around the body. It is very convenient especially when playing with heavier woods-ball markers.

Offers adjustments of pod holders thus making it convenient. It is very protective and easy to wash out the paint. It has a large capacity with the capability of holding a tank and up to six pods. The wight distribution around the vest is perfect.

The back zip up pocket is too small for a full sized water bladder system. It’s bulky thus making it less suitable for getting low and crawling in the field since it inhibits movement to a certain extent. The belt material is very stretchy making it difficult to obtain a tight fit when packing tanks.

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GXG Army SWAT Review

Top Features
[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”415″ identifier=”B002JJAIQG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”paintballish-20″ width=”250″]Comfort: GXG Camo is made of a well laid contouring foam which offers comfort and protection. The contouring foam can be removed and replaced.
Storage: A removable radio pouch is provided on the periphery. An extra panel is added to the chest pocket which allows you to flip down IDs easily and view maps. The tank holder is wider and taller allowing it to pack stubby tanks and those covered with neoprene.
Strap: It is designed with four movable and two vertical harnesses. Briefs features a hydration unit sleeves. These are zippered thus allowing the placement of a hydration bladder. Shoulder straps are made of nylon loops and D-rings for attaching and routing the gear. Longer side straps are also provided for bigger players.
Extended Attachment: An extended attachment area allows you to reach the tubes more easily and increases more surface area for tubes and tanks.

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A contour design wraps around your body thus providing a snug fit which enhances weight distribution and mobility. The modular design allows you to configure your setup. It has a lack and advanced storage which accommodates tanks, IDs, keys, money , head set wires and more.

It has a tendency to rotate in the neck region which requires you to wear a scarf. Zippers on the pocket go all the way down and sometimes slide down and open.

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Tactical Molle Paintball Vest Review

Top Features
[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”471″ identifier=”B00A8VFKZG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”paintballish-20″ width=”250″]Design: It features the Molle design on the front which makes is easier to carry other smaller equipment.
Storage: Three removable accessory bags are provided to accommodate different types of items.
Protection: The interior is made of a removable joining sheet which is used to protect the body.
Material: It is made of high quality nylon which is resistant to tear and also offers comfort.

Every pattern looks good and the lining is very protective. It is affordable and durable. This vest is made of good quality pouches. The two foam plates both in the front and back are replaceable.

The smell is a little bit unsettling at first. Some of the straps are poorly attached. It is much smaller compared to other vests. Also, it does not have a Velcro piece foe holding items like a radio.

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