Best X7 Phenom Upgrades That You Can Buy

Upgrading your marker helps in improving performance. The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a fully upgradable paintball gun. You can replace the foregrip to gain more control. The barrel can also be replaced to improve accuracy. Other parts that can be upgraded include the hopper, trigger, carry handle, adapter and the shroud.

These upgrades fall into three categories namely; improved range, accuracy, and aesthetics. CO2 markers can also be upgraded to compressed air for improving accuracy. Regulated air prevents the marker from shifting aim. CO2 problems can also be fixed by replacing the regulator. There are HPA tanks with a built-in regulator sold at an affordable price.

Below are some of the best X7 Phenom upgrades.


Tech T Fang Trigger Ape Board Combo

This upgrade offers maximum adjustment, speed, and comfort. It comes with more features and modes which offer versatility. Specific modes offer more flexibility and precision. A three-shot auto mode can be disengaged with this upgrade. Therefore, you don’t need to pull the trigger three times to fire the gun automatically. The Fang trigger is durable, feels good and looks attractive. Two adjustment screws are used to reduce trigger travel. The BPS is maximized better by the dual bearing design. This upgrade is available from online paintball stores including

X7 Phenom Assault Foregrip

It is a great solution for people who need more rail space on their X7 Phenom marker. Tippmann Assault Fore-grip is made of high-impact composite material. The fore-grip shroud attaches to the receiver easily. This provides a surface for mounting other tactical accessories. This upgrade also allows you to customize the look of your marker.

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Flatline Barrel

The new X7 Flatline is the best barrel upgrade which allows you to shoot up to 250 feet. It is designed with a technology which creates a backspin on the paintball. This action delivers long and accurate shots. It also comes with a new attractive look. It is easy to install, and four Picatinny rails are included. This long range upgrade is perfect for shooting in the woods.

H18 Hopper Adapter

This adapter offsets the hopper slightly to provide a clear line of sight down the marker. H18 adapter also increases the capacity of the hopper by nearly 18 balls. This reduces the reloading frequency. H18 also allows for sight mounting.

Tippmann X7 A5 Low Profile Hopper

A5 is a low profile hopper with an offset design. It provides a clear view along the top of the gun. This hopper is very durable and improves speed. It has a built-in cyclone feed system which serves the purpose of an electric loader. Speed is enhanced by the switch e-grip. It looks good and can be field stripped in a minute. It can hold 200 rounds.

In conclusion, upgrading should be done carefully to avoid adding excess weight. A heavy marker causes movement problems in the field. The above upgrades guarantee better performance. You will have more trigger settings with automation. The upgrades are durable and attractive. They enhance speed and accuracy. These upgrades provide more hopper capacity and comfort. They also allow further customization options.