How to Clean a Paintball Gun. Do It Today!

A paintball marker needs proper maintenance for it to function properly. Otherwise, the gun will be prone to jamming. Remnants of dry paint always jam triggers. Poorly maintained markers also have reduced accuracy. Cleaning your gun prevents paint balls from breaking in the barrel. Regular cleaning also increases the life of your marker. A clean marker makes you a professional player with a reliable weapon.

Several supplies are needed before you start cleaning your gun. You need the user manual for disassembly. Cleaning also requires Q-tips or a toothbrush for scrubbing. You need a set of Allen keys for detaching different parts. Paper towels are essential for wiping. You also need to pull through squeegee for cleaning hollow parts like barrels. Warm water helps in removing stubborn stains. Get a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure to work in a clear space to avoid losing parts and cleaning supplies. The main objective of cleaning a paintball gun is to eliminate dirt, paint and any foreign material in the gun. It is recommended to wipe up your gun after every gaming session. This will eliminate paint and dirt while keeping your marker shiny and new.

The air source should be detached, and the safety should be on. Remove the tank from the gun. This is done by pulling the lever and popping out the tank. Components need to be taken apart for the gun to be cleaned thoroughly. Follow the disassembly instructions provided in the manual. Your fasteners should be placed in a secure place. Mixing or losing fasteners jeopardizes the safety and accuracy of the marker. Check for any signs of damage while dissembling the gun. Get rid of all broken screws, cracked O-rings, damaged seals and broken springs which might prevent the gun from operating.

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Cleaning the Barrel
This is the easiest part to clean. Use the squeegee by running it through the barrel until it comes out clean. Make sure to wipe the squeegee after each pass. After that, wipe the barrel down with a moist cloth placed in warm water. The barrel should be dried off to prevent corrosion.

Cleaning the Body
The interior of the body can also be cleaned using a squeegee. Access all crannies and nooks with a sizable squeegee. Toothbrushes and cotton swabs are also excellent for cleaning small parts. Use warm water to break the hardened paint residue. The body should be dried thoroughly using a cotton cloth after cleaning.

Cleaning the Frame
The grip frame is usually greasy and needs a thorough cleaning. It is also a region with most dried paint. Use a small cleaning brush and warm water to scrub the frame. The grip frame should be brushed gently to avoid tampering with the guns finishing. Remove any debris which can cause clogging. Dissemble the trigger and avoid fiddling around with its parts because they are small and finely tuned.

Cleaning Moving Parts
Proceed to clean the bolt and the hammer. These are best cleaned using paper towels. Make sure you dry the properly to avoid ruining metal parts. Check the O-rings located at the hammer and striker.

After cleaning, you can proceed to lubricate your gun. Use an oil brand recommended by the manufacturer. Put the parts back together using the same disassembly schematic. Make sure all parts are put back before you use the gun.

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