Does Paintballing Hurt? If so, How Much?

Paintball is an exciting game of action, strategy, and adventure. It is a safe game especially when one puts on the right protective clothing. The question, ” does paintballing hurt” is prevalent among new players. Yes, it might hurt but not that bad. You might get a rush or a small bruise after being hit with a high-speed ball on your bare skin. But generally, the game is very safe and can be played, kids. There is nothing to fear when playing this game. Existing safety precautions will help you avoid and minimize pain. The amount of pain felt also depends on one’s endurance or threshold. Players are required to cover up their skin when playing.

Amount of Pain
People react differently when in pain. Some people even flinch after a slight pin prick. On the other hand, some people are used to taking a lot of pain. These individuals will never complain when hit by a paint ball on bare skin. However, are some high-speed balls which sting despite one’s high tolerance levels. This pain usually lasts for a very short time. The amount of pain also depends on where you get hit. Getting hit on the back or fingers is more painful. The pain resembles being struck with an elastic band or being stung by a bee. The worst you can get is a small bruise or welt on the skin. The amount of pain is more pronounced when a ball hits you and bounces back without breaking.

Counter Measures
You maybe skillful in dodging shots buts its best to assume that at one point you might get hit. You need to put on enough layers. Wear some shirts or a sweet shirt on the upper body. This will act as a cushion especially in high speed and hot shots. Wear a protective vest if it will make you feel comfortable. Cover your fingers with gloves. Wear baggy trousers and long sleeve shirts. Cover your ankles with boots and a good pair of socks. The right attire will also prevent you from field accidents while crawling or running. Always wear a mask to prevent head shots. Cover your neck using a backward hat.

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Gaming Standards
Most fields regulate the speed at which guns fire their balls. This reduces the chance of being hurt. Players are also forbidden to shoot at a close range in some fields to minimize pain and maximize fun. Some fields require individuals to put on specific attire like a vest as a safety precaution. It is forbidden to freeze paint balls. This is because they become hard making them hurtful when they hit your bare skin. Sometimes frozen balls don’t break.

In conclusion, paintball is a fun game with safety rules. It takes place in a controlled setting where people are required to put on the right clothing. Players can only feel a sting from the balls or develop a minor rush. Otherwise, it’s a safe game which can be played by both kids and adults.