Gog Extcy Paintball Gun Review

In this review, we take a look at the [amazon_textlink asin=’B0052YEIWA’ text=’Gog Extcy Paintball Marker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’paintballish-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4c833939-dc51-11e8-8776-31dd68626b76′], its key features and get to grips with this models pros & cons.


Key Features

Construction: eXCTY’s body is made of aluminum which makes the marker durable. The size is moderate, and its weight is manageable. Feed-neck: Its feed-neck is threaded and can be removed using Allen key clamping. The clamping system allows the feed neck to rise more than 1 inch above the body. The locking system is very tight, and a wrench may be needed for an upgrade.

Threaded Barrel: GOG eXCTY comes with a stock barrel which measures 0.7 inches. This is a ported and threaded barrel. There are three porting rows, each with seven ports. It is has a quality boring. The dusk-black barrel conceals the marker while in the forest. It has two long handles with quality grips which allow you to hold the marker firmly.

Well Placed Regulator: A Max-Flow R vertical regulates controls the amount of pressure which goes into the marker. It offers accurate chronograph readings. The regulator is well placed thus providing the right grip without cramping your thumb between it an the trigger frame. To the bottom, is a straight fitting which allows you to clean the ASA more easily. Ring pliers are enough to disassemble the regulator.

ASA: The mounted stock ASA for GOG eXTCY is dust black and features an on/off knob. A fitting is located on the left side and connected to the regulator using a 4-inch steel tubing. The ASA threads are well designed with a great pitch. The tank is added by simply holding the asa up and then screwing the tank in place.

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Trigger: This model comes with a plastic, pin-mounted trigger designed using the wave style. It has three adjustable points with firing modes with work seamlessly. These modes are semi automatic, fully automatic, three shot burst, PSP, and Billyball. You can place up to three fingers into the trigger-gap.

Board: The stock board featured on GOG eXTCY is a blackheart board. It has 12 modes which provide an array of choices. Here, you can adjust the BPS cap, dwell, burst count, eye settings, first drop off compensation, rebound settings, among other fine adjustments. The board is also waterproof allowing you play in all weather conditions.

Anti-Chop Eyes and Power: The infrared eyes prevent chops. You will spend less time clearing the maker. It makes use of 9v batteries which last long. This model operates using either CO2 or compressed air.

Accessories: IGOG eXTCY comes with an attractive and highly functional carrying case. This case has detachable eye covers and is easier to carry. There is also an Allen key set used for disassembly. Other accessories are an instructional CD, a spare parts kit, and a barrel stock.

Pros (the good)

It shoots accurate, at a great speed. This gun looks great and feels comfortable. The finishing and colors also look great. The barrel and stock are well balanced which improves shooting accuracy. It has almost no kick back and produces no noise. This marker is simple to use, assemble, disassemble and clean. The [amazon_textlink asin=’B0052YEIWA’ text=’Gog Extcy Paintball Marker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’paintballish-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4c833939-dc51-11e8-8776-31dd68626b76′] offers great customization for a growing player.

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Cons (the not so good)

The trigger tends to make lateral movements and allows minimal adjustments. But you can add an O ring at the end of the adjustment screw.