How to Choose the Best Paintball Pants

Paintball pants provide protection and allow stretching while playing. They protect your legs while crawling, kneeling, running and diving in the field. Quality paintball pants should be thick enough to act as a cushion against lower body shots. But they should not be too heavy to the extent that they cause discomfort. They should provide enough padding or room for extra pants underneath.

The color should be designed with camouflage features. They should be elastic and make a good fit. Pants need to match conditions in the paintball field. People also go for alternatives like cargo pants, elastic pants, and baggy pants. But these are not accepted in tournaments or recreational events among professionals. Therefore, it is best to wear pants designed for paintball. This discussion gives an insight of what to look while making a purchase and some of the best pants on the market.


Things to Look For When Choosing Paintball Pants

The material weight should be light to allow easy movement while in the field. However, they should have enough padding. Choose pants with mesh panels and linings since they reduce knee weight. The presence of the lining helps in helps in regulating moisture while providing insulation against cold weather. Pants with knee, groin, hips padding help in providing extra protection. Make sure the padding does not add too much weight to your body. Buy pants with enough pockets so that you can carry your stuff. The pockets should also close securely and be resistant to water. Some pants have swab pockets which add more utility.

Selected pants should provide a higher degree of movement and breathability. Choose those with stretch mesh panels. The mesh offers a significant amount of ventilation. Reputable manufacturers use laser technology to make precise holes on the fabric for better air circulation. They should be of the right size and more secure. Go for pants with velcro adjustment to ensure your pants don’t fall off while playing. Other features for securing the pants are tie-ups and drawstrings. They help in securing your pants at the ankle. This prevents them from sliding down. Falling pants will slow you down and even trip you.

Below are some of the best paintball pants.

JT Paintball Pants

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Top features
Rip Stop Core Fabric: It is a woven fabric made of nylon using a unique reinforcing technique. This makes it resistant from to tearing and ripping apart. Threads are woven in a crosshatch pattern making which makes a tough layer. The fabric is light, and small tears cannot be spread easily.
Padded Knees: The knee area is sufficiently padded with a spongy material. This protects you from bruising yourself while crawling in the field. They also protect you from impact when you fall on the ground.
Adjustable Waist Belt: This ensures that JT pants make a tight fit with your body. It helps in hugging your waist and fastening at any point. It can be adjusted easily to a perfect fit. The belt is made of quality canvas material thus making it durable.
Press Stud Closure: This is a pair of interlocking disks which fasten the pants together. They are very easy to use especially among children.
Stretch Crotch and Low Back: The stretch cloth offers a great degree of movement. A low back allows you to make long strides as possible.
Pockets: The pockets allow you to carry your squeegee while in the field.

The front has enough protection given the enough padding. JT is comfortable and breathable. They come with velcro straps which help in securing the pants. Waist adjustment allows you to attain a perfect fit. The fabric is durable.

The protection on the back is inadequate. They are too heavy for children but fit well on adults.

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants

Top Features
Light Material and Dual Swab Pockets: The material is very durable and light. They are great pants for people who value pace in the field. Swab pockets are capable of holding your wallet. They are zippered thus making them secure.
Kevlar Knees: Exalt has a sizable knee sleeve which offers great protection. It protects the knee and groin against injuries. The sleeve is made of quality and eco-friendly material. It retains heat in cold weather, offers more compression and retains its shape over a long period.
Mesh and Liner: The inside features a mesh and a liner. The former helps in providing ventilation while the latter helps in stopping sweat from dripping. This mesh is spread to the back of the legs, pockets, and groin.
Dual Down-string Adjustment: This allows for waist adjustment meaning you can wear no matter how much your waist size changes. The silicone waistband printing prevents you pants and packs from moving. The dual adjustment comes with additional belt loops. You can tie a belt for a better fit.

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They offer great protection, especially on the crouch. There is no need of buying knee pads. There are many pockets for keeping your stuff. Zippered pockets hold even your barrel bag tightly. The material is comfortable and cannot be torn. Downstrings and belt loops prevent pants from falling.

They are little tight to get into but fit perfect once on. They are a bit long, but the waist is okay. They can also be tucked into boots.

Empire 2016 Prevail F6 Paintball Pants

Top Features
Material and Design: The material is light, and the design is less constricting. They are designed to keep cool, provide comfort, especially in hot and humid fields. These pants find a middle ground between weight and durability. Subdued logos make them more attractive. The rear is silicone printed which provides extra grip.
Knee and Groin Padding: This is made of 1000D nylon which offers great protection when your slide and crawl. Rib stretch panels on the ribs and groin provide a full range motion.
Hip Padding: The hip padding made of bio-foam protects hips and waist from sliding out.
Mesh Ventilation: Body material is laser perforated for ventilation both on the front and rear sides. This air movement wick moisture away.
Adjustable Ankles and Waist: These adjustments ensure that you obtain a perfect fit. The adjustable ankle cuffs take care of different heights.
Six Pockets: There are two water resistant pockets, two swab pockets, and two quick access Velcro thigh. The quick-access thigh pockets which are capable of holding a barrel bag, maps and ID cards.pockets. Inside the pockets is a microfiber cloth for cleaning goggles.

Empire Prevail has less weight and offers great durability. Adjustable straps keep the pants snag. Stretch panels allow for a full range motion. They offer great protection on the ankle, knees, and groin.

The nylon fabric produces a swooshing sound but not as much.