How To Fill a HPA Tank – 4 Alternative Methods

Air requires being replenished just like paint balls. You should expect to fill your tank regularly. There are many options for filling an HPA tank. One of them is a hand pump which you can have at your convenience. However, you may be forced to pump a lot before filling up the tank.

Another option is carrying your tank to a filling station, paintball field or a scuba store. You can use an adapter to fill your tank from the local fire station. However, this will also cost you more, and you end making trips for refills.

A compressor saves time, but it is more expensive than a pump. The choice of filling your tank depends on portability, your budget and amount of work needed for filling. This discussion will provide different options for filling an HPA tank.


Hand Pump

The best option is an affordable four stage pump. You can use 15 minutes to reach 2000 psi. The cost of pumping up the tank is cheaper than making replacements. The best way is to purchase a 3000 psi rated hand pump ([amazon_textlink asin=’B071NGP992′ text=’this pump from Niteowl is 4500psi rated’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’paintballish-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b56222ed-dc4d-11e8-a4c9-638194a01776′]). It can take up to 40 minutes to fill the tank completely. It is cheaper and also helps you to work out which is a great way of warming up for the game.


A compressor ([amazon_textlink asin=’B01JW9DAGK’ text=’such as this one from Jufeng’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’paintballish-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7f2fee30-dc4d-11e8-9e9b-0348a65c038f’]) is the fastest way of filling an HPA tank. But it’s better when you turn it into a filling business. This is because the initial investment is high. You can start getting your money back by filling other peoples tanks. A compressor delivers high pressure especially the reciprocating piston type. A four stage compressor achieves compression in limited time. Choose those without filters since it’s not needed for paintball tanks. The filter is used for scuba tanks to make the breathing-air clean.

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Scuba Filling Station

You can buy a scuba filling station which will fill up to 20 compressed air tanks. You may have to part with a few hundred dollars for this investment. This is a great choice if you live far from filling stations.


This is considered the best option when it comes to filling high-pressure air tanks. You can fill your tank at the local paintball store or field. Here you will find a collection of equipment which will help you fill the tanks safely. You are likely to pay a maximum of $3 for every 1000 psi. You can fill your tanks at the local scuba store. Paintball air tanks operate at the same air pressure as scuba tanks. Therefore, there are no compatibility issues. You will fill your tanks easily for just a few dollars.

In conclusion, when buying a compressor, consider the air flow and pressure. The air flow should be compatible with the tank’s capacity. A large compressor can deliver much more air per minute. A pump is a great option, but you need to put in more work. Filling a tank is much cheaper and convenient if you have a scuba or paintball store nearby. You can have friends, colleagues, and neighbors who play paintball or those who use HPA tank compressors for different purposes. Fill the tanks slowly to avoid losing air pressure when the air cools.