How to Make a Paintball Gun

Paint ball guns look complex especially when manufacturers seek to achieve high performance and great aesthetics. In reality, they are just simple units which fire balls at a distance. A paintball gun can be made using simple materials. The shape and design of your gun depending on your creativity. You need materials like PVC pipes, scissors, a plastic bottle, hot glue, Teflon tape and a tubing pump. Materials are needed to make only four basic components of a paintball gun. These are the trigger, barrel, a burst of gas and paintball chamber. The discussion below will help you make a paintball gun using simple materials.

An electric or plumbers tape is used to make attachments and seal air passages. You need a long PVC and a water bottle. A scissor or a blade is used for cutting the PVC and bottle. You need PVC elbows, and end cap, a tire replacement valve.

This is the most simple step of making your gun. Here, you will need a long rigid PVC pipe. Cut the pipe to the desired barrel length. The diameter of the pipe should be compatible with the size of the paintball. The standard paintball diameter is 0.68 inches. You can provide an allowance for the pipe diameter to prevent balls from breaking. Too small balls won’t fire either. This will make your gun less accurate and even impractical.

PVC valve
A valve acts like your trigger system for regulating the amount of air passing from the bottle to the barrel. A hot tape is used to secure the valve to one end of the PVC pipe to make it airtight. The other end is fixed to the hole in the plastic bottle, also, using a tape.

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Burst of Gas
The burst of air is used to propel paint balls. This can be obtained from a hand pump used to inflate bicycle tires. Make a hole in your plastic bottle. Start cutting the edges to make it bigger but not too much. The hole should fit perfectly to the hand pump. Connect this bottle end to the end of the pump. Use a tape to seal this connection. You can start by sealing with a Teflon tape followed by hot glue or an electrical tape. Smaller bottles like the coke bottle work better.

Working Principle
Now, you have your homemade paintball gun. The working principle is very simple. When you pump the hand pump air will move into the bottle. The PVC valve regulates the amount of air reaching the barrel. Now you only need to place paint balls in your PVC pipe and open the valve to fire.

In conclusion, this paintball gun will give you an experience close to one offered by guns sold in paintball stores. These are materials which you can find at home. You can also get them at the local hardware at an affordable price. Remember to apply enough force when making connections. Avoid pumping the bottle at first to prevent damages. Too much pumping can cause the gun to explode. The right dimensions will help you make an effective paintball gun.