How to Measure Paintball Gun Barrel Length

Knowledge of your barrel length is essential for a variety of reasons. Having a gun with the wrong barrel length in a competition can get you disqualified. Barrel length is also regulated by state laws. Measurements are taken easily with simple equipment. Safety is very important when handling a gun. The marker should be unloaded and stabilized. The firing pin can also be removed. All measurements need to be done upon expert consultation. The manufacturers manual should also be followed to the latter.

Barrel measurements are done only when the gun is unloaded. Make sure the gun remains stable while taking measurements. It should be placed flat on the surface while taking measurements. The location should have adequate lighting. The firing pin should not prevent the measuring rod from making contact with the breech face when measuring integral chamber barrel. The gun can be cocked to remove the extending firing pin. Maximum measurements should be taken for altered barrels. The measuring rod should be of a smaller diameter to avoid damaging the barrel when pushing through.

Common tools used for measuring barrel length are steel rulers, measuring tape, calipers and measuring rods. A pencil or a marker is used for defining start points.

Single Barrel
The measuring rod is inserted into the muzzle and pushed until it reaches the end of the breech face. The latter is where the chamber and the cartridge meet. A pen is used to mark a line on the rod, closer to the muzzle as possible. Take the rod out and measure the distance using a tape from the mark you created. This gives you the barrel length.

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Measuring Revolver Barrel
The length of a revolver barrel represents the distance parallel to the bore axis. This starts from the muzzle to the end of the forcing core. A ruler or a measuring tape is used to measure the length of the revolver gun. This is done by placing the ruler on the outer end of the barrel along the axis of the bore. A measuring rod can be used, but a starting point needs to be determined accurately. The best points are the block and the forcing end of the marker. The caliper is placed on the exterior of the barrel parallel to the axis to measure the length.

Integral Chamber Barrels
A barrel with an integral chamber is measured from the muzzle end along the bore axis to the breech face. The tape or ruler is placed on the exterior of the barrel to the bore axis. Measurements using a ruler is done by reading increments perpendicular to the muzzle bore. The measuring rod aligns with the bore axis. All measurements are carried out perpendicular to the bore axis at the end of the barrel.

In conclusion, different barrels on different guns are measured differently. This is because of different placement of components. The gun should be unloaded and firing pin removed. It should also be cocked, and a rod of the right diameter should be used. The marks made should be visible. A semi-automatic barrel is measured from the breech face to end of the barrel. Revolver barrels are measured from the exterior end to the other end along the axis.

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