How to Start a Paintball Team – A Quick Start Guide

Starting a paintball team is easy, but it takes hard work and dedication to get into big leagues. You need to identify what kind of a team you need to make. There some categories including scenario teams, tournament teams, professional teams and casual teams. You can always look for teammates among your friends or colleagues. Make sure that your team has more people than you need. This is because it’s hard to get people to show up for scheduled events. You can find players by going to tournaments, putting flyers and through social media. Remember every team has its agenda and any number of people can make the team. Find players with the same vision, whether it’s for fun or going pro.

Start by identifying the goals of your team. Make sure every team member knows what the objective of the team. The goal determines the pace of the game. You can be playing for fun and recreation or aggressively for professional competitions. Look for people with like minds to avoid frustrations and drop outs.

Make sure you choose people who are trustworthy and capable of playing. The potential team members should have their equipment and be able to show up for practice and events. They should have their means of transport and afford to pay for other services for themselves. Choose people who are less emotional and capable of enjoying the game under all circumstances.

Make sure to examine the skills of your players. They determine which roles they will play in the team. Don’t be blinded by age when giving roles like the captain. Choose a member with great organizational skills for calling people and organizing events.

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Field and Scheduling
Find a field to play and make financial arrangements to pay the owner. Always uphold the agreement and build a good relationship. You need to play frequently but not too regularly to prevent fatigue. Get a training schedule to perfect your skills. Gather information on training techniques and drills. All results should be recorded and discussed among the team members.

Team Appearance
A matching attire makes sure that you look like a team. Dressing uniformly is a great psychological boost. Wear the same brand and color of the jersey. Names and numbers should be inscribed into the attire. A professional look helps in keeping the team focused. Agree on the type of shirts, masks, and gloves to wear. Make a team banner, big enough to be seen from a distance.

Online Presentation
An online presence allows people to know about your team. This helps in obtaining invitations for tournaments. Set up a website with a description of your team and contact information. It should be very brief and precise. Always keep it updated with team developments.

The reliability and attitude of your team members are more important than their playing ability. Decisions like a team name should be made by voting. Friends and comrades make the best team. Start small and appreciate the process of growth with realistic expectations. You might end up getting sponsored or appearing in great tournaments. Make sure you spend time doing other things as a team and have fun during the game.