Is Paintball an Expensive Hobby? How Much Does it Cost?

A lot of people wonder whether or not paintball is a costly hobby or not. However, if you are going to do it for the sake of the company then there is no need to worry about the cost. After all, your company will spend on it so all you can do is to enjoy it.

The important thing is enjoying what you are doing. Hence, if it is expensive then you will always get your money’s worth every time you play paintball anyway. After that, you will about the money you spent on it then look forward to the next time that you will play it again.


Why are paintball guns so expensive?


Paintball guns are pretty expensive due to their high demand. As a result, many companies have decided to get into manufacturing these things. They would even get into using the best materials that they can find.

Paintball guns can cost as much as $200 and as low as $100. As a result, you can get one for an average of $150. Other than the paintball guns, you would need to buy a lot of other things to play this game. You can’t play with just guns as you would need a lot of other stuff like a tactical vest, and a pair of paintball gloves.

Is paintball equipment expensive?

The prices of paintball equipment would depend on where you buy them from. Of course, it would also depend on the number of players who will play the game. For example, paintball ammo typically costs $20 per 1000 so the more ammo you need, the more you will spend for it.

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Safety is important for anyone who would even think about playing paintball. One material to certainly buy would be none other than paintball gloves in order to protect your hand and it usually costs around $30. Don’t forget to wear paintball masks due to the fact that there have been many accidents over the years with paintball players suffering injuries to their faces and this usually costs $40.

How much are paintballs?

As we’ve come to realize how expensive paintballs are, we should go to realize the exact price in order to know if we can afford it or not. The paintballs can cost as much as a thousand dollars and as low as $100. The more you buy, the more you will save.

Better invite more people to play as it will be a cool experience none of you will soon forget. The total for all the paintball equipment can be around $300 and all of you can split the cost.


In conclusion, if you can’t afford paintball accessories then you can forget about doing these things for your own good. It would be a lot better to go with your gut and do something you have always been meaning to do. After all, “is paintball an expensive hobby” won’t be going through your thought if you are having such a fun activity with your friends.