Best Paintball Tank Reviews: Buying Guide

Paintball tanks contain air which is used to propel paint balls. These tanks are available in two pressure sources, compressed air and CO2. Guns come with different technologies compatible with one of these types of air sources or both. Choosing a tank for a beginner can be overwhelming. But the selection is easy when you have the right information. First, you need to know what tank type is compatible with your paintball gun. CO2 tanks are affordable, easy to refill, low maintenance and compact. However, rapid cooling and expansion of CO2 cause inconsistent shooting.

HPA or compressed air tanks can shoot in all weather, but the tanks are usually bulky and hard to refill. You can always get the best deal for both by looking at features like weight, certification, material, cost and air delivery. This guide provides information on things to look for and three of the best tanks in the market today.



Best Paintball Tanks Compared and Reviewed

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Ninja 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tank With Regulator

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There is nothing more exhilarating than competing with the top paintballer. Fortunately, there are ways to stay competitive in such an environment. One way is to have the Ninja 4500 PSI HPA Tank in your arsenal. This tank is designed to deliver up to 4500 pounds per square inch. With pressure like this, you will be able to keep up with the pros. This tank will enhance your game and make you a monster out there on the paintball field.


One good thing about this unit is the fact that it comes with an adjustable regulator. That is going to make a big difference in the long run. In fact, all Ninja tanks come with an adjustable regulator. With this one, you’ll be able to set the output down around 500 PSI if you wish. They usually come with a PSI rating of 800 to 850. Either way, it is nice to be able to play around with the settings.

Very Lightweight

Another great thing about this tank is the fact that it is so lightweight. You will never have to worry about it bogging you down. When you’re playing paintball, you need to be able to move quickly. If the tank is too big, you’re going to be slowed down. With this tank, that is not going to be a problem at all. You’ll have no trouble running from place to place to avoid those incoming paintballs.

Overall Assessment

The Ninja 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tank is great. It looks amazing and it won’t break the bank. Plus, it is not going to bog you down. Be sure to check it out for yourself.

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Tippmann Empire Basic Aluminum 48ci/3000psi

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Construction and Weight

This tank is made of aluminum which is complemented by a quality finishing. Weight reduction offers a great advantage while running in the field. The material construction and finishing offer resistance to corrosion when playing in salty or humid conditions.

Fill Capacity and Output Pressure

Tippmann Basic has a capacity of 3000 pounds per square inch and an output pressure of 800 PSI. This high output pressure is compatible with most markers on the market.

Replaceable Bonnet

This tank saves you from making full regulator replacements. A replaceable bonnet saves you time and money. It is designed with standard threads with offer great compatibility. The bolt assembly is easy to repair and replace.

Overall assessment
It is a great tank for a paintballer on a budget. This tank cannot be dented easily when dropped. It is lightweight and easy to maintain. It is affordable compared to carbon fiber tanks of the same standard. It tends to leak, but you can make valve replacements. It only fills to 1000 PSI but its enough for an average player.


Ninja RAW 48 Cl 3000 PSI Value Paintball Tank

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Are you looking for an outstanding paintball tank that won’t empty your wallet? Do you want one that is made in the United States? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’ll definitely want to check out the Ninja RAW Tank. It is made in the United States and it features a new design for 2017. This combination ensures that you’re going to get the best of the best. More about this tank will be provided below.

All Gun

Some tanks are limited. They’ll work for some purposes. However, they might not be compatible with all paintball guns. With this paintball tank, you can guarantee that it is going to be compatible with your paintball tank. It works with pretty much any paintball gun out there. Therefore, you can make your purchase with extreme confidence.

Long Lasting

It is also great that this paintball tank is going to last for a long duration. It features a double -o ring. The long-lasting alloy bonnet ensures that your money is going to be spent wisely. When you buy this tank, you can pretty much guarantee that it is going to last for many years to come.

Overall Assessment

The Ninja RAW 48 Cl 3000 Tank is amazing. It works great and it is moderately priced. Thanks to the new design and American manufacturing, you can guarantee that this one is going to be worth the money.

Ninja Aluminum HPA Tank

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The Ninja Aluminum HPA Tank 48/3000 is really one of the best out there. It is sleek, durable, reliable, and very lightweight. Whether you’re going to be playing paintball for fun or professionally, you can guarantee that this one is going to hit all of the high notes. It will not let you down in the least. So, what sets it apart from the competition? You’ll find out below.

Low Response Curve

This tank features a very low response curve between 0 and 50 PSI. This will allow you to get from full to empty without any issues whatsoever. In return, you will not have to worry about things going wrong during the game.

Made In America

You’re also going to love the fact that this 3000 PSI tank is made in the United States. It offers 5 year hydro and the air is kept in a DOT approved aluminum bottle. This one is going to deliver big in all categories.

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Ninja Aluminum HPA Tank is great. It is moderately priced and very reliable. If you want maximum peace of mind and confidence, this is one for you. It will not let you down.


Things to Look For When Buying a Paintball Tank

HPA tanks are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum tanks are cheaper and can hold up to 3000 PSI. Carbon fiber tanks have a maximum capacity of 4500 PSI. Choosing a tank with more pressure per square inch means you can fire more shots. A capacity of 300PSI and 4500 PSI allows you to shoot an average of 10 and 15 shots per cubic inch respectively. Look at the number listed before PSI to know the tank capacity.

Carbon fiber tanks are also lighter which is helpful when running around. When considering the size, choose a tank that ends on the crease of your elbow when holding the gun. People of average height are suited with 48/3000 or 68/4500 sizes. The 38/500 or 48/500 sizes are good for shorter people.

The type of your gun also requires a specific level of pressure. For instance, some electronic markers require low-pressure tanks.

Compare the selected tank with the operating pressure or minimum pressure of your marker. Guns with inline regulators require an input pressure between 300 to 500 more than the operating pressure. A lower pressure prevents your regulator from recharging faster. HPA tanks with adjustable regulators provide the best input pressure for your tank. You can always adjust the pressure to the exact amount required by the marker. Buy from reputable brands like Ninja and Empire. Finally, check if the price matches the quality of the tank.