How to Start a Paintball Business

Paintball is one of the most popular outdoor games. It is played by people of all ages, class and gender. This recreational activity helps in bringing colleagues, friends and families together. It is definitely a profitable business since the experience is very thrilling and people always come back. You only need an initial investment for you to start a business. You need gaming accessories, land, coming up with gaming packages and employ staff. Below are some tips on how to start a paintball business.

Understanding Competition
Identify the number of indoor and outdoor fields in your area. Make a point to visit each one and observe the size and settings of these fields. Obtain service and price sheets if possible. Price is a very important aspect of competition where clients prefer affordable offers. Note any special events and gaming packages. Try finding out what they are missing and incorporate it in your business plan.

Acquiring a Playing Field
The best place for playing paintball is away from residential areas. Lease a filed with enough space. Reach out to farmers with vacant fields and people with undeveloped land. Make sure you get the best rental deal. A lease will require an approval by the zoning department. After acquiring the land, proceed to dividing the field in sections for various types of games. Install a small shed where you can store materials.

Purchase Paintball Supplies
Buy the necessary gaming accessories like paint balls, guns, helmets and launching accessories. Include also padding, bags, gears and more. A first aid kit is also important since injuries are inevitable in the field. Make sure you purchase gear for a maximum number of players which you facility can accommodate. Buy quality equipment from trusted dealers at an affordable price. It is recommended to have a portable trailer which serves as a portable office and storage area.

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Advertise for job opportunities and recruit staff for running your facility. Make sure to higher people who are passionate about paintball. This goes a long way in providing excellent customer service which translates into profits. Your staff should wear a matching attire to give a corporate image. You might have to train your staff on how to instruct people around the field.

Rules and Charges
Set your prices in accordance with factors like playing duration, age, among other packaging aspects. You can also choose to rent your equipment. Different games in your package will require you to set specific prices and rules. The latter will help in minimizing injuries. Have a list of do and donts plus penalties of failing to abide by the rules. This will ensure that players handle equipment with care.

Create awareness through radio broadcasts, newspapers and television. The other way is to use internet and social media to advertise your business. Offer affordable rates at the beginning to attract new customers. Hold paintball competitions to increase your market share. Contact schools, local teams, fitness clubs and corporations to experience the game.

You need money to buy gaming accessories, lease land, set up a trailer, advertise and train staff. The amount of money to start a paintball business ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. However, this amount depends on cost of land and amount of equipment bought. This amount will be recovered within a short period. Make sure you have the best customer service to attract more clients. You can also sell themed t-shirts to advertise your business and earn more m

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