How to Take Apart a Marker…and Put it Back Together!

Routine maintenance of your paintball gun requires disassembly. This is necessitated by the need to identify broken parts after which they are replaced. The gun is also taken apart for cleaning and oiling purposes. Regular maintenance improves gaming performance and increases the life of your marker. The process of taking you gun apart needs to be systematic. Instructions provided by the manufacturer should be followed. The right schematic makes the process easier and prevents you from damaging delicate parts. You should choose a clear space like a clean table for disassembly. Place fasteners and small parts in a small container to avoid losing them. This is because a gun without its all parts is not safe to use and shoots with less accuracy.

First, make sure the gun is degassed and unloaded. Un-cock the gun to relieve the main spring of pressure. Wear goggles and clean the table. The former is aimed at protecting your eyes from parts which might spring out unexpectedly.

Now, start the disassembly process by removing the magazine tube which is found under the barrel. Remove the screws on the tip take off the inner tube. Try pumping the gun to check in side the chamber. Remove the feed neck by pressing down the feed-neck release latch and folding it down. Now pull it back to remove the hinge pins from the receiver.
Unscrew the screw located below magazine then slide it off ahead of the barrel.

Remove the pump from the magazine. In some guns, the magazine is removed by the holding tabs on either side. Pull out the bolt next to end of the barrel using your hand. Use a screw driver to remove the ejector clip. This is done by placing the screwdriver between into the slot found at the back of the barrel. Use the Allen wrench to remove the hopper connector and the handle grip.

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Remove the barrel by unscrewing and moving it forward. Remove it by taking off the barrel screw found beneath. After removing the front bottom screw, the shroud can be slid out of the receiver. Bottom screws need to be loosened or completely removed before opening the receiver.

The trigger is taken apart by removing the two holding pins. Use a screw driver to apply a little pressure on these spins and remove them. Now, take off the trigger system from the marker.

Remove the major screws near the barrel, holding the major parts. Hold the stock and pump with two hands and take the two parts apart.

Remove the adjustment screw by unscrewing the stock screw followed by sliding the stock centers shaft up and off the stock mount. The wrap around rubber grip is usually split into two halves and can stay intact when separating the receiver clamshell. Remove the adapter using a hex wrench and let the bottom-line hang free. Lift up the left plug and hammer to allow the bumper o-ring to sit loosely around the mainspring.

With everything open, now you can clean and oil your gun. It is worth mentioning that markers are designed differently. Therefore, it is recommended to follow manufacturers instructions when taking your marker apart.