The Cost of Playing Paintball – Is it an expensive sport?

Playing paintball as a beginner is affordable but costs increases as you become an expert. The main categories of costs are initial and recurring costs. The former is the amount spent on equipment and attire. Recurring costs are paid on a regular basis like purchasing paint balls. You can also choose to rent equipment. Many fields have fair deals on equipment like masks, guns, loaders, and tanks. You can always play on well-equipped fields on a rental basis at a reasonable price. Paint ball can be played by low, medium and high budget players. This discussion will give you an insight on how much to spend.

Cost of Equipment
The cheapest package is the basic pump players pack which goes for less than $50. This package comes with a plastic gun pump, a mask, a hopper and a few CO2 canisters. The plastic gun works great but with less accuracy and susceptibility to breakage. Masks feel comfortable, and canisters serve the purpose. Entry level mechanical and semi-automatic markers go for less than $100. These are offered in a package of masks, tanks, and hoppers. High-end equipment goes for nearly $2000. These are customization markers with multiple gas technology. You can also get an up gradable gun with this budget. Upgrades can be bought later.

Thrift shops and army stores are best places to obtain cheap attire. Mechanical gloves are good enough for a beginner. You can go for high-end clothing like special pants, custom jerseys, elbow and knee pads, special gloves. There is a wide selection of masks. Make sure you invest well on clothing due to safety reasons.

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Cost of Paint and Air
Shooting requires a constant supply of paint balls. This is one of the main recurring costs. Cheap paint goes for $ 10 where you get 500 rounds. You can also get 2000 rounds for $30. The professional grade of 2000 rounds goes for $80. The amount of paint depends on how fast your gun shoots. Air tanks are refilled for less than $6 depending on capacity.

Field Fees and Rental Equipment
You can play on your property if you have the space and money for setup. You can also choose to play in the local field. Rental fees depend on your location. But most of them range between $10 and $25. Having a membership plan will allow you to pay less. You can also visit a local field and rent some equipment for less than $30. Rental terms also vary with location. For instance, some require you to use their paint. You can also bring your equipment to the field.

In conclusion, basic equipment can get you started. A simple and cheap package can provide very functional equipment. Put safety first by investing in the right clothing, masks, boots, and gloves. The cost of paint balls should be factored at all times when playing. Refills will also be done occasionally. Paintball does not need a heavy investment at first. You can use you on property and rent equipment at affordable prices. Advanced equipment and attire can be bought as you advance.