What Is The Fastest Paintball Gun?

Speed is a very important factor in any game. A marker which shoots faster allows you to shoot your opponent many times. This will give you an edge over your opponent. A fast gun means it can shoot many paint balls per second. Guns with a faster shooting rate are usually equipped with hard and long trigger pulls. There are also new models designed with circuit boards which increase the rate of the shooting cycle. This rate is also a factor of a number of balls that can be fed from the hopper. Gravity hopper is capable of firing eight balls per second. A motorized hopper can achieve up to 20 paint balls per second. Other determinants are your finger movement. Acquiring the fastest gun is a bit overwhelming because there are multiple models in the market. But there are few exceptional models like the Dye M2 Marker. This discussion provides features and benefits of this fast marker.

Barrel and Bolt System
This marker comes with .684 and .688 barrel back which is compatible with different paint balls and weather conditions. You can incorporate different barrel lengths and bore sizes and still achieve good results regarding accuracy and range. The barrel system is durable and light. M2 makes use of a one-piece fuse bolt system which operates at a low pressure. The bolt speed is combined with optimized air flow for efficiency. The bolt cycle is very smooth thus offering consistent accuracy. There is minimal kick or recoil.

Interface and Adjustments
A 1-inch, high-resolution OLED screen is attached to the interface. This helps in providing feedback regarding marker settings. It also helps in the fine tuning through different modes. A 5-way control joystick is incorporated to make the navigation through settings more easier. You can make fine adjustments and simulate performance data. The hyper5 inline regulator is used together with sensors to provide the right air pressure.

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Power and Trigger
A wireless charger allows you to power the marker seamlessly. It can also be done through a standard micro-USB port. This marker comes with a 9-volt rechargeable battery. The trigger system is designed with magma reach technology which provides hard and long pull. This helps in delivering super fast shots.

Frame and Feed-neck
An Ultralite 45 hourglass frame and a gas thru grip frame allow you to hold the marker steadily. The dye stick grips ensure the marker does not slip off your hand in battle. The grip frame features ports for adding new components when making upgrades. The frame and the body have a wireless connection. A lock down lever lock feed neck is attached to the bottom.

Air and Circuit Board
Dye M2 utilizes MOS air technology. Information is sent to the 15 e.VOKE system to keep you updated. You are also provided with real time alerts which help you to improve your gaming performance. Internal pressure sensors help in regulating pressure levels.

In conclusion, Dye M2 incorporates a revolutionary technology which makes it the fastest marker on the market. The design is very elegant, and the intuitive interface offers great convenience. The method operating system offers a wide range of settings. Internal sensors and expanded operational control improve accuracy. The right pressure is also provided, and there is less recoil. The whole unit is durable, and its inherent features like the DYE barrel guarantee speed and accuracy