The Most Expensive Paintball Guns

Paintball is now the game is more of fun since players are going pro. One of the most important equipment for the game is a gun. Most expensive models offer the best performance. They are designed with efficient systems which provide range and accuracy. They are also attractive on the outside. The popularity of the game has revolutionized the paintball gun industry. New unique models are being made every day. In this discussion, you will learn about some of the most expensive paintball guns available in the market.

Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Planet Eclipse Ego 9
This gun is designed with shiny crystals which give the most elegant look in the market. These crystals are curved abs stuck by hand. It has a minimalist design which allows you to handle the marker well. It is the most rated gun regarding aesthetics. Crystal Eclipse Ego 9 also works great mechanically. You will also be provided with accessories like a tool kit, manual and lube. It is fully adjustable and offers many options for upgrades. You can choose between low pressure and high-pressure shots. The weight is minimal, and there is no kick. You will need a budget of $5000 to get this gun. Crystal Ego 9 is more of a show piece than a tactical marker.

Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun Replica
This is a custom made paintball gun by Real Action. It weighs 30 pound s and can fire in semi-automatic mode. Other modes are full auto and short burst. One of the most exceptional features is the Q-loader automatic feed system. Other components are a level 10 anti-chop bolt, an x-valve, and an ultra-light trigger assembly. You can get a custom design for $ 4,999. This electronic gun guarantees great performance in the paintball field especially indoors. You should take care of dirt while outdoors to avoid freezing up this expensive piece.

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RAP4 T68 M240
RAP4 M240 uses gas to deliver a large amount of firepower. It looks like a real weapon with a resemblance of a machine gun. The design is similar to the M60 machine gun. You can hit your opponents with a force which is great for an ambush. It has a 200 round loader and a firestorm trigger. Regarding air, you can choose from nitrogen, CO2, and compressed air. This marker is offered for $4,500.

RAP4 T68 Avenger
RAP4 T68 is one of the most powerful and expensive markers ever made. It has the firepower of hitting an entire team within seconds. You need to have enough strength to hold the gun and handle the trigger. It is designed with a twin grenade launcher and a red dot scope. This accurate marker makes sure you hit the target with an unlimited number of rounds. You need a budget of $4,000.

RAP4 T68 M1919 Browning
This is another machine gun replica with unstoppable firepower. You can shoot in any direction with great force. This marker can carry 400 rounds to keep you focused in outdoing your opponent. It costs $2,500 to gain an exceptional battle-field experience. There are multiple firing modes including full auto capable of 400 rounds per minute.