Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Review


Tippmann A-5 is a very light marker that shoots fast. Its construction is very durable, and the appearance is unique. It can be upgraded for better performance. It has an efficient cyclone feed and does not require batteries. It is easy to clean and maintain. Also, it does not break paint balls in the barrel.


It does not provide pinpoint accuracy, but it’s more accurate compared to many mechanical markers. The trigger is a bit stiff to put, but you can make replacements. The barrel limits the range of the marker, and the cyclone feed turns off sometimes. These problems can be solved by performing an upgrade.

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Key Features of the Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Resilient Construction: Tippmann A-5 is made using die cast aluminum. It is has a durable black finish which is stain and scratch resistant. The end cap absorbs shock to damp recoil as well as prevent wear and tear.

Cyclone Feed System: This system allows the marker to fire 15 balls per second without using batteries. It connects the air system to the feeder sprocket thus providing more firing power. This allows you to shoot at a fast pace with accuracy. A-5 caliber is perfect for both beginners and experienced players.

Tippmann A5 Front

Power and Capacity: A-5 is a 68 caliber marker which operates at a pressure of 800 psi. It delivers enough power to the paint balls thus allowing you to hit your opponents from far.Tippmann A-5 can be operated using CO2, nitrogen or compressed air. The hopper has a wide mouth and is capable of holding 200 rounds.

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Barrel and Knob: It makes use of the A5/X7 barrel thread which is 8 inches in length. The bore size is 0.689, and the overall marker length is 19 inches. This marker also features a front knob which cocks closer to the receiver.

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Weight and Aesthetics: Tippmann A-5 weighs 3 pounds and 2 ounces. The construction is made light to improve mobility in the field. Its body is a bit longer than most markers, but it still fits in your hands. This length provides a unique appearance

Loader: Tippmann A-5 has a star shaped loader found under the cyclone feeder. It cycles one shot at a time using a standard air pressure.

Disassembly: Individual parts can be removed easily for cleaning and inspection. To take it apart, you only need to remove the barrel. From there you can insert the squeegee to clean the marker. Disassembly takes only 60 seconds. You don’t need any tools to put the marker together.

Two Position Selector: An external two position selector allows the user to switch between safe and firing mode.

Ergonomics: The front grip is made longer thus allowing you to hold the gun more firmly. The push pins are also easier to remove. The hopper is low profile, and the inline bolt system is easy to take apart. There are also front and back mounts for support.

Up-gradable: This model is compatible with new parts when you need to improve its performance.There are different types of accessories provided including sniper barrels, a double trigger, a flat barrel, expansion chamber kit, a collapsible stock, among others.

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