How to Use a Paintball Gun Like a Pro

Just like a real combat paintball is a game which requires one to have excellent tactical skills. You need to be quick, flexible, have great team work skills and gunning skills. You need to know how to use your gun properly for you to beat your opponents. The chosen gun should be of the right weight. This discussion focuses solely on how to use a paintball gun.

Holding the Gun
You need to hold the game in the right manner for safety reasons. Handling the gun well also allows you to move through the field easily. The right way of holding a gun is by pressing the tank over your shoulder. Use the one on the side of your dominant hand. This hand is also used to operate the trigger. The other hand is used to support the barrel. It is recommended to alternate hands. Shooting with both hands will give you a huge advantage in battle.

This is one of the most important aspects of handling a gun since it determines if you will hit the enemy or not. Aiming while closing one eye is not recommended. This usually affects your peripheral vision which exposes you in the game as you miss your targets. The gun is held below the eye level where you can see the barrel with both eyes. This is the best way to aim especially when the target is moving. Aim the gun in the direction which the enemy is running. Make sure you fire when you get a good aim. Always keep the gun aimed at the target as you walk, jog and run. You will feel comfortable after practicing for a while.

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Distance is very key when it comes to firing the gun. The average distance from which a paintball gun can shoot is 300 feet. A longer distance reduces accuracy. The release rate of the gun also allows you to hit the target in different successions. You must be ready to pull the trigger since one pull can release more than one ball. Therefore, pulling the trigger at the right distance guarantees accuracy and conserves paint balls. Snap shooting is also a great technique where you stretch out to shot as you take cover. The gun should be well elevated as you stand to shoot.

Always keep paintball pods in your harness. Signal your team to cover you when you run out of armor. Open the hopper as you keep the finger on the trigger. Take the pod out, open it up and pour paint balls into the gun. Close the hopper and start firing. Always keep the gun in a firing position as you reload it. This will allow you to get back into action quickly.

Dealing with Technical Issues
Sometimes you may pull the trigger, and no balls are released. Check the safety trigger placed either at the side on top of the gun. Push the safety back in case it has popped out and get back into the game. Sometimes the range of you paints balls may fall drastically. In this case, you might consider upgrading the gun like changing the barrel or buying another gun. Signal other players in case this happens.

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