What Is A Professional Paintball Salary – How Much Could You Earn?

Paintball is not only a recreational activity but a sport which can earn you a living. Many people who turn professional are paid by through sponsorship and cash prizes. Participating in competitive games guarantees a modest pay. Experienced and competent players earn up to $100,000 a year. Sponsorship and participation in tournaments are the best way to earn as a paintball player. The amount of salary earned also depends on the level you are playing in the league. You can also get a deal to advertise various products and get paid handsomely. This discussion will give you an insight on what you can make as a professional player.

The amount you make depends on the region in which you are playing. The expected figures per year for California, Massachusetts and New York are $65,000, $47,000 and $46, 000 respectively. However, the amount depends on a number of events.

Corporate sponsors pay you when you are signed to a professional league. They also take care of your supplies, accommodation, travel expenses and other services needed as a player. Playing paintball comes with a hectic schedule where players move to different destinations to play. Sponsors ensure players are catered for during the competition. High performing teams can have up to 5 sponsors. Professional paintball players earn an average of $40,000 per year. However, it is considerably lower than what other professional players like football and baseball players.

League Participation
National Professional Paintball League is the main professional league in the US. The winner of this league receives huge cash prizes. You can choose from four different divisional levels of seven players. This division contains 16 teams. The other option is two five players team division. Another top league is Paintball Sports Promotions which holds the top paintball tournaments even the World Cup event. You can work your way into these league and win cash prizes.

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Cash Prizes
Pay also comes from cash prizes offered in every competition. Teams that work hard to win the league receive a lot of cash. This amount is distributed among team members to cater for their salaries. Cash prizes can be as high s $20,000 plus team compensation.

Economic Trends
Just like, most sports the amount earned by paintball players are affected by economic fluctuations. Paintball success started in the 2000s where the earning potential of professional players was on the rise. The amount reduced during the recession, from 2007 to 2009. Today, highly ranked players still earn significant salaries. Playing at a national level puts you in a better position of getting sponsored.

In conclusion, the basic salary is never enough for most professionals. You can do something related to the game to supplement your salary. Cash prizes may seem huge, but you may end up with a small cut especially when you have a big team. Sometimes the award in inform of equipment which might leave you wondering about your bills. You can choose to open a paintball business since tournaments are mostly seasonal. This will improve you income prospects. Otherwise, paintball is a paying game especially when you reach high levels.