What to Wear to Paintball – Essential Protection Items

Paint ball attire is meant to provide comfort and offer protection. Choosing what to wear in the field can be very challenging especially for new players. The right outfit provides a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. The right outfit offers freedom of movement. Sometimes shots are fired at high velocities. Therefore, it is wise to choose garments which are thick for absorbing high ball impacts and even falling on the ground. The choice of attire should also consider the prevailing weather. Minimal layers of clothing prevent overheating in hot and humid areas. Your eyes and skin need protection from the paint. Head and neck protection is also key. Some of the paintball attire are goggles, mask, shirts, pants, and shoes. In this discussion, you will learn about what to wear to paintball.

Head and Neck
The mask is used for covering the head and neck. It is not recommended to use a hood since it will block ventilation. Paintball headbands are also used to shield the back of your neck. Choose the ones with long tails. A hat with a visor is also used to cover the head and back of the neck. There are also full head masks which act as a helmet. But a headband or a ball cap is more comfortable.

Upper Body
A long sleeve t-shirt is the best internal base layer. Add one more and a sweatshirt on top in case the weather is chilly. This layer serves to provide extra padding for body shots. You can also put on a paintball jersey or a rain resistant jacket. There are also special padded shirts for paintball. They are provided both in long and short sleeve version. Reduce the number of garments during a competitive game.

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Gloves protect you from painful finger hits. They also provide better grip on the marker and other equipment. A glove with the right padding protects you from cold weather. You can opt for cheap mechanic gloves or special paintball gloves. Choose the ones which provide enough room for your fingers. The glove should provide fingers with freedom of pulling the trigger, easiness of reloading and running a squeegee.

Lower Body
Legs are exposed to many field elements like twigs, rocks, thorns, and dirt. The right attire prevents your lower body from being bruised. It is recommended to wear shots. Options include loose sweat pants, jump suits, jeans, bdu cargo pants and specific pants designed for paintball. These protect you as you crawl, kneel and dive in the field. The pants should be bigger and baggy. This makes sure you move freely in the field.

This is also one of the most important attire for preventing paintball injuries. Soccer cleats, hiking shoes, and army shoots are great at protecting your ankles. Choose shoes which can get through mud and rough terrain. Choose closed shoes which offer ankle support. A tough sole also protects you from thorns and other piercing objects in the field. The sole should also offer traction, especially in muddy fields. Avoid putting on boots which are too heavy for they might cause fatigue. Put in quality socks which protect your feet from sweating while providing warmth.

In conclusion, the color of your attire is very important. Choose dark earth tone colors for camouflage. Wear clothing which is easy to wash. The choice of attire should be based on the prevailing weather. Body clothing and boots should offer freedom of movement.

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